Directions for Book Projects

Adventure/Sports * Graphic Novel * (Auto) Biography * Non-Fiction * Fantasy
              *Historical Fiction * Realistic Fiction * Mystery/Suspense*
                     *Science Fiction * Animal Fiction * Myth/Legend*

1.    Choose two genres to “visit” during the quarter (no repeating genres). 

2.    Find a book from that genre to read

            ·  The book must be grade-level appropriate and at least 100 pages

3.    After reading the book you must complete one of the presentation choices from the project genre options list.

4.  You may NOT do the same project twice. You have many choices; choose what will suit your talents.

5.    Fill in the genre block with the title of the book that completed your stop. You will receive a stamp for the genre from your teacher, after you successfully complete the book. You have to bring your passport to the teacher.

6.    You must receive at least 2 stamps per quarter

7.    Rebecca Caudill books will count towards the passport.  Teacher-led books from class will NOT count towards the passport.

9.    At the end of each quarter you will give a presentation to the class discussing your novel. The presentation should be 2-3 minutes long.

10.    Projected Project Due Dates:

    *Quarter 1: Monday, October 17, 2016

    *Quarter 2: Wednesday, December 14, 2016

    *Quarter 3: Monday, March 6, 2017

    *Quarter 4: Monday, May 15, 2017



Each quarter you will complete ONE project based on one of the two novels you read. You have to choose a different project each quarter. All projects will be presented to the class. Choose a project from the options below:

1.   Novel Paper Bag – decorate the outside of a large paper bag with illustrations of the novel’s genre, the book title and author, etc. and fill the bag with five objects that relate to the story.  Write a brief explanation for each object explaining why you chose it. Objects should be items that are important to the telling of the novel.

2.    Time Line - explain the time line of 5 major events from your story to the class.  Include a brief description of the scenes you chose and why it was important. Best for Biography, Autobiography, and Nonfiction.

3.  Character Interview- write an interview for one of the major characters with at least 15 questions about the characters feelings or decisions.  Also, include what you think their answers would have been. Best for Biography, Autobiography, and Nonfiction.

4.   Mobile – there must be at least 10 objects/illustrations on the mobile relating to the book’s story or theme.  Include brief explanations of how each object is important to the story.

5.  Book Talk – Give an upbeat endorsement of the book you read. This is for a book you really enjoyed.

6.   Picture Book - Rewrite the story as a picture book for young children.

7.   Television News Broadcast - Write and perform a television news broadcast by reporting events from the book, be sure to include some type of visual aid (picture, chart, graph, etc.)

8.   Book Trailer - In the spirit of movie trailers, create a video  advertisement to entice new readers. Be sure to include the story's plot, setting, theme and main characters, as well as persuading your audience to read the book.

9.   LapbookUnique way to give a general book report.

10. Book Tunes – Create a “CD” to illustrate the elements of your book.

11.  Trioramamake a 3D scene from your book to aid in your explanation. Best for biography, autobiography, and nonfiction.

12. Graphic Novel create a comic strip about your book. You will need at least 20 panels for your “graphic novel”.