Homework/Study Guides

Assignments are always posted in the classroom in the front of the room, and it is your child's responsibility to copy it into their planner.  Homework can also be accessed on the district website, www.peotoneschools.org.  
Click on Peotone Junior High, then Homework/Assignments.  Homework is listed by my name.  You are responsible for your own work, even if I don’t post it.  I prefer your best handwriting, whether cursive or printing, and it needs to be done in blue or black pen.

You are expected to have your homework with you when you come to class.

Late homework will only be accepted after one day with the following consequences.

    * During the 1st Quarter – 15% grade reduction

    * During the 2nd Quarter – 25% grade reduction

    * No late work will be accepted during the 3rd and 4th Quarters.