6th grade Language Arts

Number the Stars Project
The students are going to complete an end of the book project which is due Friday, Dec. 14, 2018.  We went over the 3 choices on Wednesday, and they were shown some examples of each choice.  They are to pick one choice and complete it to the best of their ability following directions on the handout each student received.  A copy of the handout is on the homework section.  This project is worth 100 points.  They have 2 weeks to complete the project; please check in with them each week to see how far they have their projects completed.  Some parts need to wait until we are done with the book which should be Monday, Dec. 10th.

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 Number the Stars

During the 2nd quarter, we will be reading the novel Number the Stars.
This is a historical fiction book that centers on Annemarie who tries to help her Jewish friend survive during WWII

   Homework for this Week 

Monday-  DOL (1-5) due Friday
#Stars SG (15-End) due Wed.

#Stars Color a character handout due Wed.


Thursday-  #Stars Test today
Friday-  DOL Quiz today

Scholastic orders due Dec. 11th

#Stars Project is due Dec. 14th

* Always check back as work may be added or changed throughout the week.

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