6th grade Language Arts

Number the Stars Project
The students have been assigned an end of the book project.  This project is worth 100 points for quarter 2 grades.  They were given three choices and they need to pick one to complete.  A copy of the project choices is attached under the homework/guide tab.  
The projects are due Wednesday, December 7th.


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 Number the Stars
Our next novel is Number the Stars.  I will use #TS to shorten it up for homework.

Hatchet is a Newbery Honor Award winning book about friendship, surviving WWII, and bravery.

Students will be reading most of the novel in class, completing study guides, and taking quizzes. 

A copy of the study guides are under homework/study guides tab.  I will add them as I hand them out in class.
   Homework for this Week 

Monday- #TS Study Guide ch. 15-17 due tomorrow
What would you do handout due tomorrow
DOL 1-5 due Friday
All Vocab 5  due Wednesday
(Review, crossword puzzle, 5A-5E, Extra Credit)


Wednesday- Vocab 5 Quiz today
DOL 6-10 due Friday 

Thursday- Number the Stars Test today

FridayDOL Quiz today 

* Always check back as work may be added or changed throughout the week.

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