6th grade Language Arts

Poetry Project
In class, the students are reading and creating poetry.  They will need to turn all of their hard earned work into a poetry project.  This project will begin in class, but will need to be completed and organized at home.
The poem project is due Monday, March 19th.  

If you ever need to reach me you can contact me by phone or email kwojtanowski@peotoneschools.org

Each year through the publishing company, Studentreasures, I have the classes compile  poems of their choice and have a book created for our classroom.  A permission slip must be signed for each child that wants to participate.  
This is not for a grade, and it is not mandatory to be part of the book.  On the permission slip, there is an opportunity to purchase a copy of the book if you are interested.  Please take of look of the permission slip and email me with any questions.  I need them back by Monday, March 19th.


During the last half of the 3rd quarter, we will be working on poetry.  We will read a number of poems including The Road Not Taken, Annabel Lee, Oranges.  The students will be required to write a number of different types of poetry such as Haiku, Diamante, alliteration, prepositional, and acrostic.  The poems that they read and write will be turned into a poem project due at the end of the quarter.

   Homework for this Week 

Monday- Bring book and headphones to school starting Tuesday

Permission Slips for published class poetry book due this week

Tuesday- PARCC testing today

Wednesday- PARCC testing today

Thursday- PARCC testing today


* Always check back as work may be added or changed throughout the week.

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