6th grade Language Arts

   Welcome to 
     6th grade      
  Language Arts

If you ever need to reach me you can contact me by phone or email kwojtanowski@peotoneschools.org


During the 1st quarter, we will be reading the novel Hatchet.
It is an adventure about a boy and his need to survive out in the wilderness because of a plane crash.

   Homework for this Week 

Monday- Study Guide packet for Hatchet 1-4 due tomorrow (Started last Wednesday)
DOL 1-5 due Thursday

Tuesday- Hatchet Quiz for 1-4 today
Vocab Lesson 2 Review due Friday

Wednesday- Work on Ch. 5 Study Guide for Hatchet 
Ch. 1-4 Study Guide packet due next next week (please do not go ahead)
DOL 1-10 due tomorrow

Thursday- DOL Quiz today

Vocab Quiz has been moved to Tuesday, 9/25

Work on Ch. 6 Hatchet SG due Wednesday, 9/26

* Always check back as work may be added or changed throughout the week.

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